Books by Doug Borwick



a “why to” book on community engagement.
a “how to” manual for the arts organization
seeking to become invaluable.
"Building Communities, Not Audiences" and "Engage Now!"

Building Communities, Not Audiences


It is from community that the arts developed
and it is in serving communities that the arts will thrive . . .


 Communities do not exist to serve the arts;
the arts exist to serve communities

Building Communities, Not Audiences: The Future of the Arts in the U.S., written and edited by Doug Borwick, holds that established arts organizations, for practical and moral reasons, need to be more deeply connected to their communities. It serves as an essential primer for any member of the arts community–artist, administrator, board member, patron, or friend–who is interested in the future of the arts. It also provides new ways of looking at the arts as a powerful force for building better communities and improving the lives of all.

Engage Now!


Arts organizations cannot long survive without earning impassioned support from the communities they serve.


Communities cannot reach their full potential without the benefits the arts can provide.


For some, the arts as indispensable is a preposterous idea, yet nearly every stakeholder in the industry believes the arts’ value to be unquestionable. That gap accounts for most of the challenges arts organizations face. As long as the arts are seen as an amenity (at best), they will struggle in a world that only has time for that which is necessary. “Mere” relevance will not suffice. To compete in the marketplace of public value the required standard is indispensability. Engage Now! is a “how to” manual for the arts organization seeking to become invaluable.